About Us

We are a part of the “Medaz Integrative Medicine Research Foundation” (MIMRF). MIMRF is a registered NGO under Govt. of India, working with a mission and vision. As an organisation we believe HEALTH is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of diseases. We, with an integrative approach, seek to restore and maintain human health and wellness across a Patient’s lifespan by understanding his/her unique set of circumstances and addressing the full range of physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental influences that effects their HEALTH. MedAZ recognizes that most individuals need access to care that can fit their busy schedules. With our flexible care options, you can include maintaining your optimal health and well-being at the top of your to-do list.


Our Team

Mr. Prateek Sharma (Director and Founder – Medaz Integrative Medicine Research Foundation)

Mr. Prateek Sharma is a creative thinker who designs software applications or systems that support healthcare delivery or pave the way toward breakthroughs in medical treatments. His expertise is in creating and managing websites that connect medical researchers with clinical experiments data from all over the world, Developing mobile means of communication that can allow for real-time collaboration between physicians who are located in different places, Providing doctors with data and health records relating to a patient, Creating software that does a better job of compiling and storing patient health records and Performing research on an existing software’s capacity and requirements, and make improvements to the software to increase its efficiency.

Dr. Harihar Kumar Jha (medical Director and Senior Homeopathy Consultant)

Dr. Harihar Jha is highly experienced homeopathy physician with over 20 years of experience in the field of treating long-term illnesses has treated over 9000 patients successfully till date. He has been responsible for changing the quality of life for patients with acute conditions like arthritis, migraines, urticaria, hypertension, glaucoma, slip disc and many more.
Previously the Medical Director of Bakson’s Homeopathy Center, for over 12 years, Dr Harihar Jha understand the assesses the root cause of the ailment and provides personalized treatment that has the highest efficacy. Dr. Jha believes in holistic healing of the body instead of just targeting the symptoms, through the holistic treatment of homeopathy medicine. 


Dr. Deepak Kumar (Naturopathy Consultant – Medaz Integrative Medicine Research Foundation)

Dr. Deepak Kumar is having 21 years of extensive experience in Marm/ Acupressure therapies. Specialist in treating all kinds of incurable diseases especially related to the backbone and neuro issues. Expert in treating diseases without any medicine using alternative therapies like color therapy, magnet therapy, etc.

Our Mission

To become the trusted healthcare provider for our customer. We are offering services and products at the highest standard of professional ethics, integrity and confidentiality. We meet these expectations via our unique business-partnership model built upon pillars of accessibility, simplicity, and affordability – all without sacrifice of excellence in quality.

Our Vision

We envision creating a world where high-quality healthcare and wellness services are accessible and affordable for all!