Frequently Asked Questions

 How does the remote/ tele-consultation works?

 Our healthcare professionals are available remotely for tele-consultation via phone or video calling. Whenever anybody registers and become a member, we do the case study and based on that appropriate doctor will connect with the patient. 

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

There are many benefits of becoming a member. These are – unlimited consultation for a year, 1 session of colour therapy, 1 session of marm therapy, diet consultation etc. Many disorders or diseases are cured by following attending the call and following the instructions of doctor.

During my consultations, are specialist doctors available?

We have a team of doctors who work together for any specific disease and each patient is unique and valuable for us. The team only decides what action needs to be taken. It can be therapy for smaller issues or in case disease is aggravated, therapy along with medices (only herbal/ plant based) are required. 

 Are your consultations available in multiple languages?

 Currently, we provide English and Hindi language support for our consultations.

 Can I come for physical consultations?

 Physical consultation is required only for few therapies like Marm therapy or magnet/ colour therapy. For other therapies or medicines, physical consultation is not required.

 Do you also provide call centre support?

Yes, you can call us at +91- 8619728069/ 8130845671.

 Becoming a member is mandatory to start treatment ?

 Yes, as most of the small disorders/ diseases can be treated at home. Our doctor will guide you on phone/ video conferencing. The first appointment with the doctor requires member registration. After that depending upon the patient condition further course will be decided.  

 How many doctors/ health workers are there with Medaz?

 Our network contains more than 20 doctors/ healers across the country. Depending upon the disease and patient’s medical history, our team decides what action needs to be taken. 

 How long has MedAZ been in the business of healthcare services/ Integrative medicines?

 We have been doing research on integrative medicines for many years but officially started business in 2020 March.