Terms and Conditions

Please carefully read and understand the Important notes.
1. This is a Residential Program based on an Integrated Medicine system where the emphasis is laid on healing naturally through a Natural Plant-Based Diet, Panchakarma, Neurotherapy, and Ayurveda with minimal or zero reliability on allopathic medicines.
2. You have to follow the medicine (allopathic) tapering advice which recommends interventions in terms of introduction of appropriate food in recommended quantities from time to time and accordingly advises to taper the medicine. The medicine tapering system works on data collected from the treatment of tens of thousands of people. You should be ready to participate in this program of your own will, without any influence or coercion,
3. Please understand that during the course of this program few unforeseen conditions and complications/ medical emergencies may arise demanding immediate conventional medical treatment.
4. You will be been given ample opportunity to inquire/interrogate/ask any queries/questions/doubts. Medaz Integrative Medicine Research Foundation will properly address and answer all your queries/questions/doubts to your satisfaction and will never force you to take our treatment by any means.
5. Please understand that no guarantee/promise has been made to anybody regarding the outcome of the course and we will properly brief you about the result, and the unforeseen risks /complications arising during or after the course.
6. We will not be held responsible in any manner, whatsoever, for any medical deterioration or demise during the course of treatment or any other further complication arising out of it.
7. Under the confidentiality act, the personal information of patients is kept confidential and will not be disclosed.
8. Dietary intervention /diet plan cannot address any emergency arising due to heart attack, stroke, organ failure, injuries etc., and in such cases, you should immediately seek emergency services from a nearby hospital/clinic.
9. Further follow-up of your case will be done through emails and that a response is expected within 24-48 hrs. You should patiently wait for a response to your query/follow-up.
10. All disputes shall be subject to the Gurugram jurisdiction/court only.